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You can buy online and pic it up in our store. Or you can buy it online and we ship it to you with Delta Airlines or Postal Service.

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Welcome to Bolero Birds in fabulous Las Vegas! Come and find what you need to care for your feathered family or even that dream bird you’ve always wanted. We have hundreds of birds to choose from — parrots to parakeets. Call us at: 702-434-5736

Helping you find your new pet bird

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Tame birds & for breeding


Handfeed friendly birds


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Large Variety of cages

A comfortable bird is a happy bird. We have a large variety of cages for lots of different types of birds. We have available big Macaws cages, Amazon Parrot Cages, Cockatiels and a large variety of small and medium size birds too like Cockatiels, Lovebird cages and Canary and Finches. From travel cages to large cages available in stock. Come see the quality for your self here at our one and only Pet store Come see the quality for yourself Call us at 702-434-5736

Un pájaro cómodo es un pájaro feliz. Tenemos las mejores jaulas de todos los tamaños, desde jaulas de viajes hasta grandes de lujo disponibles. Ven a ver la calidad por ti mismo o llámanos al 702-434-5736



Get you bird nails, beak and wings grommed here at our store.

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We offer layaway service to all of our customers no credit check.



We can ship our birds to any state in the United States , with Delta Airlines.

Bird Perches & Toys

Toys toys toys and more toys! Birds love them and so do we. Our toys are cute, fun, inventive, and healthy for your bird. 

Your bird spends his entire life standing. He stands all day and he sleeps standing, too. The addition of perches to his habitat greatly enhances his overall experience. Bird perches not only provide standing room, but also serve for physical activities as well. Providing your bird with a variety of bird cage perches ensures that he will be comfortable, won’t get bored and that he gets much needed exercise. The best bird perches and bird toys give fun, easy ways to help break up the monotony and add a little stimulation to your bird’s daily life.Come see our selection or call 702-434-5736

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